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by Leanne Morgan at 10:27 AM
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Benefits of Teacher Collaboration

There is a growing body of research into the benefits for both teachers and students of teacher collaboration. While there is plenty of evidence to suggest the value of weekly time set aside within the school timetable for teachers to plan together, the reality in many schools means that this rarely happens. An online forum of teachers can, in some ways, improve this situation.

For teachers:
  • Lower turnover rates among beginning teachers in schools with mentoring programs that emphasise collegial support
  • Greater personal satisfaction among teachers when they believe in their own efficacy, were involved in decision making and established strong collegial relationships
  • Moral support - strengthens resolve, permits vulnerabilities to be shared and aired
  • Increased efficiency - responsibilities are shared therefore collaboration reduces or removes duplication of similar tasks
  • Evidence to suggest that teacher collaboration improves instructional practices (pedagogy) and encourages the development of a greater diversity of teaching strategies
  • There is some...