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Leanne Morgan

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We used to do a mini-Geography Skills and Mapping unit with Grade Eight students before we started the 'Hazards and Disasters' unit. The attached resources might be of help if you do a simple geography unit with your students. The first activity involves simply matching countries and their capital cities. This video might (?) help too with learning countries. The second PowerPoint is good to test student's knowledge before starting the unit. The last slide contains some (I think) interesting YouTube clips. What do you think? This clip is also quite interesting.

The following is a list of links to games to help students learn the countries:

The clips below explain the concepts of latitude, longitude and time zones:

I also have a comprehensive Geography Skills and Mapping exam. Please message me or 'Start a Conversation' with me if you would like a copy. The landmarks sheet attached to one of the posts here might also be useful.
I hope you find these resources and links helpful. Please feel free to comment or add your own resources.


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