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There are some useful YouTube clips to teach some poetic devices.

Onomatopoeia: I like to ask students to listen to this clip when I'm discussing onomatopoeia and write down the sounds they hear then I play it again showing it on the screen.

(not quite as good)

I also put together a summary of some of the poetic devices which I have attached below. What other strategies do you use to engage students with poetry?


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Leanne Morgan

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The song 'Sound of Silence' by Paul Simon from Simon and Garfunkel contains many poetic devices including metaphor, simile, personification and symbolism, among others. This is a version of it I found on YouTube. It was actually the song that is credited for propelling them to fame.

I found this little revision sheet too which is good for revising the difference between simile and metaphor. It's designed to be printed four pages to a sheet in order to conserve paper. The other attachment contains the answers, but includes questions on personification in addition to similes and metaphors.

Finally, the last attachment I am going to add is a scaffold sheet I put together for my students to guide them in preparing their poetry response and speech. Please 'like' if you find these resources helpful and comment if you decide to use them.


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Responding to Poetry is well set out and exactly what I have been doing in a unit of work with Year 8 students. Will use this next year. Thank you for providing.