News Smartest students are giving up in boredom

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    Smartest students are giving up in boredom
    By: CHIP LE GRAND From: The Australian June 21, 2012

    GIFTED and talented students are frustrated, disengaged and failed by an education system that offers an inadequate and ad hoc approach to teaching the smartest kids, a Victorian parliamentary inquiry has found.
    A year-long examination of how gifted students are taught in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools identified shortcomings in how they are identified, the absence of any statewide, systematic approach and an imbalance in the resources and programs offered between schools and particularly in regional areas.

    "This report demonstrates that failure to provide appropriately for gifted students in the school environment can have severe and devastating consequences," it warns. "Understimulated gifted students may be bored and frustrated at school. They may exhibit behavioural problems or even disengage from education entirely. A concerning number of gifted students dumb themselves down to fit in at school, while those who don't may experience social isolation or even bullying."

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    The article calls for the development of a state-wide policy on educating gifted and talented students, of which there are estimated to be between 23 000 and 85 000 throughout Victoria. What do you think about the opportunities given to gifted and talented students?

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