Sweden’s Newest School System Has No Classrooms

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    Sweden’s Newest School System Has No Classrooms

    There’s a whole new classroom model and it’s a sight to behold. The newest school system in Sweden look more like the hallways of Google or Pixar and less like a brick-and-mortar school you’d typically see.

    There are collaboration zones, houses-within-houses, and a slew of other features that are designed to foster “curiosity and creativity.” That’s according to Vittra, which runs 30 schools in Sweden. Their most recent school, Telefonplan School (see photos below via Zilla Magazine) in Stockholm, could very well be the school of the future.

    Read more and see images from the school here: http://edudemic.com/2012/09/swedens-newest-school-system-has-no-classrooms/

    What do you think about this schooling concept which is being implemented in some schools in Sweden?

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