News Teaching course standards too low: NSW Minister

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    Teaching course standards too low: NSW Minister
    Posted June 19, 2012 10:18:58
    New South Wales Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has criticised teaching standards, saying too many students with low marks are being accepted into teaching courses.

    Mr Piccoli will outline his concerns today at an education conference at the University of New England.
    The Minister, a former teacher himself, has questioned whether universities are attracting the best students.

    "We do take students as undergraduates with quite low ATARs [Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks], particularly compared to other professions like law and engineering," he said. "[ATARs] in the 50s, I am aware that that's the case, and to be honest that's a score that's a bit too low."

    Mr Piccoli says there are around 5,000 teaching graduates each year, but the state's Department of Education only employs around 500 of them in public schools.

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    There has been a bit of talk about the academic ability of students entering teaching degrees lately. What do you think about the arguments being made, especially those of Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli?

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