The Bali Bombings: An Indonesian Perspective

Leanne Morgan

Staff member
I wasn't sure which forum I should place this post in, but it's an ABC Radio National report on the differences between the way the Bali bombings were reported in the media in Bali as opposed to Australia. It might be useful to teachers in a study of Terrorism perhaps or some study which focuses on Indonesia perhaps.


Broadcast: Friday 12 October 2012 5:30PM

A study has shown that in the days following the Bali bombings the English language Indonesian newspaper, The Jakarta Post, failed to 'address the needs of Indonesian survivors or local people affected by the attacks with the same intensity shown in their coverage of the security issue, foreign victims, investments and how tourism in Bali is important to Indonesia’s economy.' But how has the Indonesian press been covering the 10th anniversary of the bombings and how has it been different from Australian media coverage?

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