News There's a reason your child wants to read the same book over and over again

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    There's a reason your child wants to read the same book over and over again
    November 2, 2018
    Jane Herbert and Elisabeth Duursma

    Jane Herbert, Associate Professor in Developmental Psychology and Elisabeth Duursma, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Literacy, both from the University of Wollongong offer some interesting insights into childhood reading. Essentially, the reason that children love reading the same book again and again is because repeated exposure helps children encode and remember. For example, repetition helps children learn new words and connect concepts.

    The authors provide an example of a children's television show which was repeated every day for a week as part of a study. The study showed that the comprehension of 3-5 year olds increased after five consecutive days suggesting that repeated exposure is important for learning.

    The authors suggest that the important thing to remember when parents are reading and re-reading the same book is to try and focus on something new with each retelling of the story (e.g. one day the pictures, the next day the words, relate the picture to real life events).

    While these findings may not be new, they provide a valuable reminder about the nature of learning and the importance of reading to children.
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